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Immediate Mental Health Support

If you are experiencing a crisis, it's important to know that support and resources are available to you.

Although we do not offer crisis counselling at this time, we encourage you to connect with your local urgent support services.

Please check out these online crisis resources:

Crisis Services Canada


Crisis Text


Kids Help Phone


Good 2 Talk


Camp Fire
Listening to Music

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We understand the importance of finding peace amidst the chaos. 

Explore ways to reconnect to the present moment and most importantly YOURSELF:

LGBTQ+ Resources

Rainbow Health Ontario ​

Intersex Society of North America

LGBT Youthline

EGALE Canada Human Rights Trust

Pride Flag
Valley Road

Activation Tools

The below tools are specifically designed to provide compassionate support to help cope with activation and may use grounding and self-soothing practices, mindfulness exercises and self-compassion techniques.

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